Maribeth MacKenzie – Owner of Inlet Yoga

Maribeth MacKenzie is the owner of Inlet Yoga and a proud Momma of two indoor cats and eight outside cats. In addition to being a major sponsor for our 2019 Golf Tournament, Maribeth was a big winner raking in prizes from the raffles and auction items. 

When Maribeth moved to the area in 2014, she noticed two outdoor cats that appeared to be happy and healthy. They became frequent visitors and she began to feed them; the female, (Kitty Kat), soon had a litter of kittens and she brought them to Maribeth’s home to be fed and loved as she was. Soon the kittens and Kitty Kat had more litters of kittens, the total number grew to 13 cats.

With the help of Bikini Beach Cat Rescue, she was able to TNR, Trap, Neuter, and Release all of the cats including Kitty Kat. Through natural attrition, the number has been reduced to eight permanent residents and an occasional visitor or two. 

Maribeth raises money through special events at the Inlet Yoga studio and her own personal efforts, donating all funds to animal organizations in the Murrells Inlet area. We at Bikini Beach Cat Rescue are truly grateful for all of her efforts on our behalf, spreading the word about TNR
and taking care of her many four-legged furry friends. Namaste Maribeth.